Ahaspora Collaborates with US-Ghana Alumni to Celebrate Nancy Keteku

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After over 28 years of promoting higher education in Ghana across 25 other countries in West and Central Africa, the United States’ Regional Educational Advising Coordinator, Nancy Keteku, retired in 2018. Having made an impact in the lives of several Ahasporans, it was only ideal that we honour her for the instrumental role she played in helping many Ghanaian high school students achieve a teenage dream of studying in American universities. Ahaspora therefore partnered with US-Ghana Alumni Network to celebrate the illustrious works of Auntie Nancy, as she is affectionately called over the past 4 decades.

The after-work event was held early December 2018 at Ahaspora’s very own Kwame Bekoe’s N8tive Bar and Grill in Airport Residential area, and was attended by dozens of Ghanaians who were educated in the USA. Participants honoured Nancy Keteku by sharing stories of individual experiences, from calling the US embassy to reconsider their visa decisions, to providing tips on how to survive in cold weather!

As an example, Yaw Agyenim-Boateng of US-Ghana Alumni recollected his amazement during his first experience in the US college dining hall and juxtaposed it with his alma mater, Presec High School, where each person was assigned one tiny piece of meat per meal. On multiple occasions, he observed his roommate go for second servings, thinking to himself that his roommate was about to get in trouble! After a few days of watching in painful silence, he decided to caution his friend whose luck he reckoned was about to run out! The shock to learn that there were no limits to how many times a person could go for food in the cafeteria buffet. For him, that was an ‘AHAA’ moment he would always remember, and as such, he was particularly thankful to Nancy supporting his college application which led to him being exposed to bountiful chicken at college dining!

More seriously, he was very grateful to Nancy for the many connections and friendships he made, including meeting his wife in the US. The latter sentiments on building friendships was shared by all who had been connected to the US through Nancy’s efforts.

Amidst laughter and cheer, popped champagne and a congratulatory cake, Nancy Keteku thanked Ahaspora and the US-Ghana Alumni for the event, saying “My duty had always been to see the good in people and what makes them exceptional”. She concluded her remarks promising her work is never done until she sees that which makes even the plainest of people stand out, and she urged all others to do same.

By Prisca Kys

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