A Touch by Najate

A Touch by Najate
A Touch by Najate
European & Afro Unisex Hairdressing Salon

At “A Touch by Najate” we believe that perfect beauty is different for every woman and achieving it need not be a daily struggle.

Our salon offers world class colour services and beautiful, bespoke hairdressing and wig.

Najate is a trainer, lecturer and hairdressing practitioner, with specialties in colouring, hair loss solution, bespoke wigs, wig services including repairing wigs and hair pieces for clients in London and now Ghana.

Najate has handpicked and trained her teams to deliver the very best personalised hairdressing services in colour, style and experience. Every team member is respectful, inclusive and inspired to deliver a tailored style that supports a unique philosophy – natural beauty enhancement in hair.

0303977352 or 0205386997
5 Twunasiwaa Road, (ARS Roundabout) East Legon, Accra
Najate Akita
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