Wanjo Africa (Foods)

Wanjo Africa (Foods)
Processors of indigenous Beverages and sauces for the modern palate

Wanjo Africa is a food processing and packaging business that uses indigenous wild non cash food crops to produces beverages such as Bissap (Hibisbcus) and Tamarind Drink, Wine and Madd (seasonal). We also create marinades from Tamarind and Hibiscus pulp, vinegar from Hibiscus, tamarind and Ginger and syrup from Hibiscus. Additionally Wanjo caters to events with its own unique original cocktail bar using it’s own beverages.
Our products have no preservatives, artificial flavours and are all natural, We use honey to sweeten our Drinks line.

+233 203388449
SKDTD 4085 BAE 27/25, Baatsona
Yaganoma or Henry

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