Silent Auction

Ahaspora inaugurated a silent auction fundraiser in December 2014. The goal of the auction is to raise funding for the mentoring program, as well as other Ahaspora activities.

For the silent auction, Ahaspora partners with local entrepreneurs who donate their products and services for the auction. We in turn advertise the products and services of entrepreneurs who sponsor the silent auction on all our social media platforms, giving them access to both local and international buyers. For the inaugural event, over 40 entrepreneurs participated. Goods sold included bags, African fabric, solar panel chargers, jewelry, photography sessions, and business plans.

Benefits of Donating to Ahaspora’s Silent Auction:

  • As a sponsor, we will put your company’s logo and website on all our social media platforms
  • Thousands of people visiting our website to donate will learn about your products and services, and how to contact you
  • The live auction will reach at least 200 people who will have the opportunity to view your products and see them first hand
  • Gain exposure to a wide local and international community
  • Opportunity to give back and be recognized as a socially responsible brand

Contact to participate in this annual program.