A Story of Passion and Determination – The Birth of Ahaspora.


Get to know all about Ahaspora

We are young Ghanaian professionals who have lived or been educated outside Ghana and have returned home. We want to use our knowledge, skills, and resources to make Ghana a better place to live.

Our Inspiration

We recognize the immense potential, talent and opportunity that exist in Ghana, and this inspires us to use our knowledge, skills, and resources to help make Ghana a better place to live

Our Vision

To provide a support system for young Ghanaian professionals and like-minded individuals who are thinking about or have returned home, and to provide a forum for this group to positively impact .......

What is Ahaspora?

“Aha” is a Twi (Akan) word for “Here” and “Spora” is a stem of Diaspora. This name befits our status of being home as global citizens.

The group aims to bridge the gap between those who are “Ahas”, Ahasporans, and Diasporans, by sharing ideas and experiences to build a true “Gateway to Africa”.

Support Us

Together, we can make the world a better place for all beings. Your donation will go to work instantly to help our project targets that are going great for future birth.



What our members say about us.
  •  The Ahaspora family is a great source of inspiration and  connections. When I first joined, I was a bit skeptical about the group but I later found out it was made up of young professionals who had adapted but not accepted the condition they find themselves in. The support that they give each other is really heart warming and I dare say out of this world. There is mutual respect and they are number 1 fans of anyone trying to do better. I am a beneficiary of this love from Aha. When I introduced my business to them, there was no negativity like there usually is in the Ghanaian setting, instead there was an outpouring of love, respect and admiration. As  a returnee with a small business in Ghana, this level of affection was quite strange, as all I had heard was Ghanaians don’t support each other.  The friends I have in Aha are friends for life.  Thank you so much Ahaspora. We are changing the country from the inside indeed.
    David Fosu
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  • Pamela Sarkodee
    Since repatriating to Ghana, Ahaspora has been my go to, especially for scouting young professionals on the job market. Its free, it serves more than one purpose and truly summarizes the sentiments and experiences of the repatriated diaspora in several discussion points. Glad to be part of such a revolutionary platform.
    Pamela Sarkodee
  • David Tabi
    Ahaspora to me is a resource centre, a source of inspiration
  • Brian Frimpong
    The Ahasporan vibe is phenomenal
  • Ato Ulzen-Appiah
    Ahaspora helped me to get job opportunities, found reliable services to use and I have had the opportunity to mentor 5 students through the Ahaspora Mentoring Program
  • Nii Lantei Sunkwa Mills
    For me, Ahaspora is an opportunity to strengthen and build my network both social and business
    Nii Lantei Sunkwa Mills
  • Dzifa
    I love Ahaspora because I can find all the info I need from a really supportive community

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