About Ahaspora

We are Ghanaian professionals who have lived or been educated outside Ghana and have returned home. We want to use our knowledge, skills, and resources to make Ghana a better place to live. “Aha” is an Akan word for “Here” and “Spora” is a stem of Diaspora. This name befits our new status of being home as global citizens. The group aims to bridge the gap between those who are “Ahas”, Ahasporans, and Diasporans, by sharing ideas and experiences to build a true “Gateway to Africa”.

Our Inspiration

We recognize the immense potential, talent and opportunity that exists in Ghana, and this inspires us to use our knowledge, skills, and resources to help make Ghana a better place to live.

What We Do

Since its inception in April 2011, the group has grown rapidly, increasing from 12 members to over 3000. Ahaspora has leveraged technology to provide a virtual community where members can ask questions to aid the transition process – questions range between asking about job opportunities and upcoming conferences, to questions about transitioning home or finding storage boxes in Accra! The listserv has proven useful to many members, and has gained traction, particularly among Ghanaians in the Diaspora who are thinking about moving home.

In-person activities include a monthly social networking session; speaker-series; various community activities such as marathons and fundraising for orphans; as well as our flagship mentoring program for senior high school students.

Our Vision

To promote Brain Gain by providing a support system for Ghanaian professionals and like-minded individuals who are thinking about or have returned home, and to provide a forum for this group to positively impact our society.