My name is Elvis Tetteh Ayiku, and my journey with the Ahaspora Mentoring Program has been nothing short of transformative. Currently, I’m pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Sports and Physical Culture Studies at the University of Ghana while simultaneously studying a Software Engineering program at ALX Africa. I find joy in balancing my academic pursuits with my love for music as an active member of the Boys’ Brigade, where I play the Euphonium.

What sparked my journey with the Ahaspora Mentoring Program? Well, my brother Richmond Nii Lartey, who was also a mentee, played a role. But more than that, it was my hunger for personal and professional growth that led me to this incredible program. Recognizing the benefits of learning from someone with more experience, I sought the guidance needed to navigate challenges, gain insights, and develop the skills required for success from my mentor.

I joined the Ahaspora Mentoring Program in 2020 during my first year in high school. My experience with my mentor, Romain Pinto, has been nothing short of exceptional. Romain’s guidance has created a supportive space where I can openly share thoughts and challenges. One of the most memorable moments was our first meeting. Romain has got this infectious energy for personal growth that just lights up our conversations. It is like this awesome mix of laughs and real talk that leaves you feeling both inspired and understood.

And it is not just about climbing the career ladder with him—Romain drops these nuggets of wisdom on relationships, stressing how crucial self-care is and nudging us to build those deep, meaningful connections. It’s like having your best friend as a mentor.

I would recommend the Ahaspora Mentoring Program to anyone who needs mentoring. I absolutely believe everyone should be a member of the Ahaspora Mentoring Program!