Celebrating Amazing Grace Lois Danso, one of the most dedicated mentors in the Ahaspora Mentoring community. Her commitment to fostering community and passion for social justice drive her to advocate tirelessly for humanity, inspiring others to join her cause.

As the Business Operations Lead for an economic policy NGO, Amazing Grace combines her wide and random interests to shape how she perceives and navigates life. Flawed but deeply committed to eradicating harm, she believes in the transformative power of mentoring.

In her two-year journey as a mentor with Ahaspora, Amazing Grace’s experience has been enlightening and rewarding. Passionate about global social justice, she finds purpose in advocating for humanity and giving back through the Ahaspora mentoring program.

Reconnecting with past mentees and hearing how her time with them made a difference stands out as her most memorable moment. To aspiring mentors, she emphasizes the power of authentically sharing unique experiences, believing that someone out there will connect and derive lessons to improve their own outcomes.

Having benefited tremendously from Ahaspora, she recommends the program to aspiring mentors, praising its openness to diverse mentorship forms. Ahaspora’s solid support and the safe space created for mentees contribute to positive impacts that resonate beyond the mentorship program.