I am Ubalda Mensah, currently serving as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Ghana for my National Service. Alongside this role, I proudly manage my NGO, the Upward Motion Foundation.

Joining Ahaspora was a turning point for me. I was eager to glean insights from experienced professionals and chart a clear path for my career. Fast forward almost seven years, and I am awestruck by the journey I have undertaken.

As a mentee, I have witnessed remarkable growth. From tackling the SAT in 2018 to embracing diverse volunteer opportunities and receiving invaluable recommendations for internships and employment, Ahaspora has been my guiding light.

Collaborating with my mentor on various projects has been nothing short of inspiring. It’s where theory meets practice, and I have had the privilege of making tangible contributions.

For those contemplating mentorship, I implore you to seize the opportunity. Mentors offer unwavering support and invaluable guidance, empowering us to overcome obstacles and navigate the professional landscape with confidence.

Ahaspora isn’t just an organization; it’s a transformative community. The connections I have forged and the insights I have gained have fueled my growth mindset and shaped my journey in profound ways.

Looking ahead, I envision even more opportunities for mentees to connect and build lasting relationships.

A heartfelt thank you to Ahaspora for igniting my potential and propelling me towards success!