Mentoring Program

Ahaspora Professionals Network (Ahaspora) are dedicated to ‘giving back’ to our community. As such, Ahaspora inaugurated its flagship annual mentoring program in December 2013 for selected senior secondary students in Ghana.

The mentoring (big-brother, big-sister type) program, begins with a day-long event including career development, inspirational speakers, leadership and civic engagement activities. The event culminates with Ahaspora members volunteering as mentors of the selected students. The mentoring program is themed “Changing Mindsets, Channeling our Future”. The theme demonstrates our vision of providing tools for our youth to enhance their ability to think critically, take on leadership roles, and be engaged as citizens in the development of Ghana. The youth serve as a critical target group for ensuring that the country’s future is bright.

For this program, we intentionally select mentees from schools that have students from less fortunate areas. After the main event, each year, mentors are paired with mentees for a one-on-one mentoring program for a year. In addition to the one-on-one program, mentees have the opportunity to join the Ahaspora listserv and pose questions concerning their careers and school to the listserv community, hence providing them wider access to additional mentors (there are over 1800 members in Ahaspora). Mentees are also encouraged to give back in some form after a year of receiving from this community.

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