Cynthia Eyram Ofori-Dwumfuo is a marketing communications pro with a great job that’s challenging, but with never a dull moment. She’s usually hopping from one client project to another. That said, she hangs out, talks about current affairs and takes spontaneous road trips with friends when she gets a day off, to explore.

We had a chat with Cynthia to find out about her experience as a mentor in the Ahaspora Changing Mindsets Mentoring Program.

What inspired you to give back through the Ahaspora mentoring program?
I saw Emmanuel Gamor with his mentee a couple of years back and loved the concept of giving back just by being an “older sister/brother”. My teenage self would have valued a mentor to sound-off to about life so I’m excited to have the opportunity to be that person for my mentees.

Is this your first time mentoring with Ahaspora?
Yes, and I’m glad I finally joined. My mentees are super smart and make it all worth it.

What has been your experience so far as a mentor?
I’ve found that my mentees appreciate me being there to answer their questions. I’ve also loved sending them useful information and opportunities.

What has been your most memorable moment with your mentee?
One of my mentees, Comfort, spent a day working with me and my team. She was bright-eyed but very engaged throughout the day. It was deeply satisfying to see how much of an impact it made to her. I also had a great time out with both my mentees and their families hanging out at the West Hills Mall.

What would you say to aspiring mentors?
The recipe for being a great mentor is to listen. You’ll be amazed how much that makes a difference to your mentees.

Would you recommend this program to aspiring mentors? Why/why not?
It’s a great non-conventional but very impactful way to support a young person.