Franklin jumps at any opportunity to give back so he spends his days volunteering with a number of NGOs like the Ahaspora Mentoring Program; The Rheumatology Initiative that is creating awareness about Autoimmune conditions in Ghana and Africa; The Great Thinkers Club that serves the needs of less privileged communities in areas like health, education and community development; and SEO Africa, a leadership and career development organisation.
He is a fun loving person so if he is not doing any of the above, then he might be swimming, reading a book, watching a movie, playing football, eating riceballs with groundnut soup (his favourite) or visiting with his parents.

We had a chat with Franklin to find out about his experience as a mentor in the Ahaspora Changing Mindsets Mentoring Program.


What inspired you to give back through the Ahaspora mentoring program?

The knowledge that I am helping to shape the life of a future Ghanaian leader, so that they are able to make the right choices now that benefit them, their families, and Ghana in the future.

Is this your first time mentoring with Ahaspora?
No, this is my second time.

What has been your experience so far as a mentor?
My experience has been a good and interesting one. You never know how valuable your advice may be until you see first hand how positively it impacts the life of your mentee and, perhaps, even their family.

What has been your most memorable moment with your mentee?
My most memorable moment was meeting my mentor and her mother at their home, to plan and set targets for her school term. She said it was a very successful term because of that.

What would you say to aspiring mentors?
Don’t over think it, and don’t try to impress your mentees or the Ahaspora Team. Just be you, so your mentee can learn from the authentic you. That is the you who would be a great mentor.

Would you recommend this program to aspiring mentors? Why/why not?
Yes I would. It is the surest way to ensure that the younger generation is inculcating the positive attributes necessary to move Ghana in the right direction.