Introducing Michael Adjowerh Nortey Teye Junior, a dedicated mentor in the Ahaspora Mentoring Program. Originally from Koforidua and now residing in Accra, Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from All Nations University College, Koforidua. With over 15 years of experience in the Education and IT Consulting field, he has a profound passion for sharing knowledge and nurturing the success of others.

Currently, Michael serves as an IT and administrative consultant in a primary school. His responsibilities include teaching students the basics of Information Technology, robotics, and coding. He guides them to develop their ideas by instilling the fundamental principles of computing.

Michael joined the Ahaspora Mentoring Program in 2015, inspired by his desire to inspire and guide others in achieving their goals and aspirations. As an experienced professional, he finds immense fulfillment in mentoring individuals at the beginning of their journey. The mentorship experience not only empowers his mentees but also contributes significantly to his personal and professional growth. Michael believes that mentoring inspires him to do more and encourages self-motivation and dedication.

His most cherished moment as a mentor was when his mentee received admission to one of the Ivy League universities in the USA, a testament to the impact of his guidance and support.

Reflecting on his mentoring journey, Michael describes it as an interesting and fulfilling adventure, one that demands self-motivation and unwavering dedication on his part.

When asked if he would recommend the program to aspiring mentors, Michael responds with a resounding “Yes.” He believes this platform and network play a crucial role in assisting mentees in achieving academic and professional success, making it a valuable experience for mentors and mentees alike