As told by Celeste Gregory, a mentee of the Ahaspora mentoring program.

On Saturday August 20, a large group of senior high school students traveled to the Legacy Beach in Prampram to learn and implement the best ways of a great leader. During the first workshop, the instructor warmed everyone up by asking “what is leadership?” then the question became “what makes a good leader” to finally “Can you have strong leadership skills and be a leader?” As a group we decided that you can have strong leadership skills, but that does not make you a leader.┬áThe difference is that leaders embody leadership mindsets and actions and leadership skills is something that can be taught. Everyone can have strong leadership skills but it’s who you are as a person that makes you a leader.

During the next workshop, we focused on social media and blogging. This generation has used the internet and created it into something so powerful. The art hash tagging and the benefits that it has for businesses and brands can be so impactful. We talked about blogging and how we can start a blog on something that interests us but also will be interesting for others to read, like, comment, and hopefully share. We discussed the difference between Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. How we can utilize each one and how they are all different. While they are all social media, each one has its own target market. Facebook is more personal and focuses on your friends and family, Twitter and Instagram can be used for more business related things but Twitter is for more written information while Instagram is for more visual information.
Our last workshop was writing a resume. One of the most important documents that everybody needs, from a graduating high school senior to a working professional transitioning jobs, we all need a resume. A resume that is clean, professional, error free, and has all the right personal information listed. So that is exactly what we did. All of the mentees grabbed a big colored piece of paper and line by line, they were taught how to have a respectable and professional resume.
The day was so much fun. It was filled with laughter, smiles, thought provoking conversation, a fun hand game and a tasty lunch! We all enjoyed ourselves and definitely gained something from this day full of activities. We met great friends, colleagues, and mentors and mentees, and I am looking forward to reconnecting with them again soon.