My name is David Kwesi Quarshie, and as a final-year student at Ashesi University, my days were filled with various activities. One of my main focuses is working on my capstone project, which involves developing a social networking application that connects users with shared interests. As the president of the Ashesi Sign Language Club, I dedicated my time to learning and teaching sign language. It was a fulfilling experience to contribute to the deaf community on the Ashesi campus and promote inclusivity.

My mentoring journey began in 2017 through Ahaspora’s partnership with the Yale Young African Scholars program. I felt incredibly honored to be a part of the Ahaspora mentoring program. The program has provided a valuable platform for growth, academic excellence, and networking opportunities. Having a mentor to guide and support me has been invaluable, particularly when discussing my future career aspirations and exploring various opportunities. My mentor, whom I consider more as a big sister, has provided me with invaluable suggestions and guidance, helping me navigate in the right direction.

Throughout my experience, Ahaspora has consistently offered support and resources to help me thrive. One notable aspect is their assistance during my college application process. They offered SAT and ACT prep sessions, provided writing guides to enhance our essays, and organized sessions where speakers shared their experiences and insights on applying to colleges abroad. Additionally, Ahaspora arranged sessions with advisors and recruiters from renowned international colleges, including Ivy League schools, allowing us to gain firsthand knowledge from the recruiters themselves.

One of my most memorable moments with my mentor, Miss Felicia Eduafowa Arthur, the Senior Program Coordinator at Ahaspora, was when I had the opportunity to intern with Ahaspora and work closely with her for nearly two years. Those years were the highlight of my journey with Ahaspora, as I learned a great deal from her and experienced personal growth.

To aspiring mentees, I highly encourage you to engage with the Ahaspora mentoring program. The program offers numerous opportunities to expand your network, develop a growth mindset, and enhance your future career prospects. By actively participating and embracing the resources provided, Ahaspora will not only positively impact your life but also create avenues for you to make a difference in the lives of others.

Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend this program to aspiring mentees. If you or someone you know is interested, I urge you to apply and inform others about this remarkable opportunity. The Ahaspora mentoring program provides a wealth of opportunities for growth, academic excellence, and networking. It’s a chance to broaden your horizons and make meaningful connections that can shape your future trajectory.