In 2019, our organization, Ahaspora, embarked on a meaningful journey to make a positive impact. We organized a special donation event for Mrs. Lila’s Child Care Foundation. During that event, something incredible happened. Our mentees, Amankwah Michael and Baiden Karen Egyirba, were deeply moved by the school’s history and the inspiring story behind its creation.

Their hearts were ignited with passion, and they decided to establish their own foundation called “COLORS OF AFRICA.” Their mission was clear: to support the children at Mrs. Lila’s school by providing them with reading materials, improving their reading skills, and nurturing their participation in extracurricular activities through the beautiful medium of art.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Lila Macqueen, the visionary founder of the school, continued her altruistic endeavors. She ventured into the Volta region, where she established a new organization to help the children in Fodjoku village. It was a courageous step that caught Karen and Michael’s attention.

Intrigued and inspired by Mrs. Lila’s unwavering dedication, our mentees decided to embark on a journey of their own. They set out to visit Fodjoku and offer their support to the fledgling foundation in any way they could. As Michael described it, the experience was nothing short of extraordinary.

“It was an experience I would love to relive,” Michael shared with a gleam in his eyes. “Being able to contribute to a struggling community in my own small way was an immensely fulfilling experience.”

And so, their paths intertwined, as the tale of compassion and determination continued to unfold.