I am Elsie Ama Edinam Avevo, a level 200 student of the University of Ghana, reading Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Statistics. I joined the Ahaspora Mentorship Program in 2018 where I met Madam Anita Williams who eventually became my mentor.

Miss Anita, didn’t see the mentoring as just a relationship between myself and her but as something beyond our conversation of my wants, dreams and desires. This was evident when she made time, not once but many times, to speak to my parents concerning my welfare and future aspirations.

Even though we didn’t get to spend much time together due to her relocating out of the country, I still recall every word and every advice she gave and to date, I revisit those conversations and thoughts when I am caught between the rock and the hard place.

I believe my desire to see a change and help others drove me to join Ahaspora, not only do they give you opportunities you fail to see, but they also help you to realise the importance of trivial things. In addition, they help you come to the realisation that change starts from within and then transfers outwards. Therefore, in order to see the change I desire, I need to start it so others can emulate it.

I will gladly recommend the Ahaspora Mentoring Program to every teen because with Ahaspora, you are not only put on the right path, meeting people of high intellectual advantages but also taught to dream big and achieve big. Joining Ahaspora has always been beneficial and I am glad I did.