My name is Nyankpani Kesson Abdul-Quddus, a student at the University of Ghana reading a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science. I am into debating and table tennis. In addition, I am passionate about changing the society around me and having a positive impact in every space I find myself in.

I usually spend my days learning and improving my coding skills. With regards to my hobbies, I enjoy reading and watching movie series. Moreover, I enjoy casual meet-ups with friends to keep my social life going.

I was inspired to join Ahaspora because of the impact that they were making in giving young people like myself a new way to look at life. Besides that, I also wanted to learn how to give back to my community and the mentors at Ahaspora were the best teachers to learn from.

As a mentee, I have met the best of facilitators and mentors that continue to give me opportunities to better my life, through internship opportunities, seminars and several programs like the MTN pulse program in collaboration with Ahaspora.

My most memorable moment with my mentor was the time he gave me the opportunity to speak to professionals from several fields that I was interested in. This opportunity gave me a chance to reevaluate what exactly I wanted to do with my life. In a nutshell, I would say that my mentor has been the best at shaping my life and I couldn’t have asked for any other mentor other than Roger Bruhat. I am so grateful to him.

For anyone that is aspiring to join the program, I would say that you definitely should because it will transform your life in terms of how you think and make you access what you want to do with your life and how you can impact the community around you.  I will definitely recommend Ahaspora to every young person like me!

Through the program, I got to learn that it is my responsibility to give back to the community if I want to see Africa change. At first, I only thought about what I can do for myself but now I think about what I can do for others. It is only through this that we can build a new Africa through impact on a large scale. It starts with me wherever I find myself.

The experience was totally beneficial. As a debater and the former president of my debate club back in school, I used every opportunity I got to teach people how to think critically and also to have a voice to speak out for those who can’t. I also encouraged them to be the change makers where they find themselves. Through the mentoring sessions, I got to build my public speaking skills as well as my people relating skills.

I suggest that there would be more in person meetings especially with the mentees so that we can get to know everyone who was in our year group as mentees. Personally, I only know a few by face but I feel like with more meetings, I would have been able to recognize anyone from my year group at any place I meet them.