I am Emmanuel Baah, (YYAS scholar 2019) and currently in my 2nd year Student at the University of Ghana where I am pursuing Bsc. in Mathematical Sciences. A bulk of my studies is on computer programming. I love to read articles, play video games and football during my free time.

Entertainment? I’m an ardent gospel rap fan, and I love music. I study with music too. Aside from music, I create personal music and am enthusiastic about photography.

I have so many innovative plans and I wanted guidance on how to achieve them – and Ahaspora was the place to get mentored.  Ahaspora has inspired not only me but so many talented mentees through workshops and through the exposure to great minds who share their stories and thoughts about education, life, career and personal development.

I am grateful for every experience I have had. For example, although my admission to Ashesi wasn’t successful, it gave me an exposure to how an international application looks like.

In Ahaspora, I have been exposed to banking services through mentorship errands. My writing has improved with new vocabulary I learn from assignments and essay writing guidance – improving my English language skills overall

Although I come from a not-well-to-do background, I learnt not to give up on my potential. I realised some fellow mentees are in a similar situation and do get practical information on scholarship opportunities. My mentor, Felix Dade in particular, and others have provided useful links and networks to get help for my tertiary education.

Of course! I am now motivated in my studies as mentors provide continuous support on learning and improving my skills set.

Also, Ahaspora has exposed me to community work where I help others and learn useful ideas for life and future work. Ahaspora is also a great networking base and you can call on anyone to get insights and ideas from.

If your plans for education – in terms of what to study, where to study and how to study – is not clear to you, come join Ahaspora. There are dedicated mentors to help your school and future career life. Ahaspora is also a safe space for students where respect, tolerance and genuine help is extended. For me I believe more Community outreach and Excursions will deepen the socialisation and teamwork spirit of the mentees and hence improving networking.