Meet Dr. Maximillian-Robert Selorm Doku, a distinguished scientist in geophysics, geochemistry, and climatology, who has made his mark in more ways than one. Beyond his extensive contributions to his field, Dr. Doku’s commitment shines as a mentor in the Ahaspora community.

An esteemed lecturer at the University of Environment and Sustainable Development in Somanya, Dr. Doku’s expertise is matched only by his passion for guiding young minds. His role as a mentor within the Ahaspora program since 2019 exemplifies this dedication.

From geological hazards to climate dynamics, Dr. Doku’s insights have a profound impact. Yet, it’s his investment in fostering the next generation that truly distinguishes him.

He was drawn to Ahaspora’s communal atmosphere and commitment to diversity. Through mentoring, he imparts not only knowledge but also essential life skills, equipping mentees for the journey ahead.

One unforgettable moment for Dr. Doku was visiting a mentee in an unexplored part of Ghana. The warmth he received from the mentee’s family resonates still. It underscores the transformative power mentors wield.

Every mentee, Dr. Doku believes, is unique. He sees his role as guiding them to discover their potentials. His endorsement of Ahaspora’s mentoring program is steadfast, recognizing its pivotal role in shaping future leaders.

Dr. Doku’s commitment to nurturing young minds makes him an exceptional mentor in the Ahaspora community. We celebrate his dedication and are grateful for his contributions. Through his guidance, Dr. Doku is forging a brighter future for Ghana and beyond.