Lorna Asante, is a British Ghanaian serial entrepreneur, education consultant, and occasional translator/voice-over artist and academic; with vast experience in many fields including property, investments, international relations, management and multimedia/IT. Her earlier school years was in her grandparents’ school in Accra, Ghana before relocating to join her mother in London. She is passionate about education, children, real estate, architecture and anything structural. She is the founder of Ambience Consultancy Ltd, UK – an educational consultancy (www.ambienceconsultancy.co.uk) and the creative director of Boutique De L’Afrique. Lorna is no doubt a passionate, versatile and creative person.

Her experience as a mentor in the Ahaspora Changing Mindsets Mentoring Program has been very enlightening and rewarding.

Learn more about Lorna in our chat with her to find out more about her experience as a mentor.

Q: What inspired her to give back through the Ahaspora Changing Mindsets Mentoring Program?

A: I have witnessed what an enabling environment could propel children to become and seeing first-hand the impact my grandparents made within their schools and community in Ghana, I am driven to give back too as it’s only natural I followed suit. This inspired me to give back through the Ahaspora Mentoring Program. It was my first time mentoring with Ahaspora and I have had so many memorable moments already. The most memorable moment, however, was when I got a heartfelt message from my mentee to say that the advice I gave her at one point was timely and really appreciated and shared with me the changes she made and the turnaround in her life.

To all aspiring to be mentors, do not hesitate to be impactful, as your time and effort towards mentoring will go a long way. I urge you to give back to society today.

I recommend the Ahaspora Mentoring Program to all aspiring mentors because it’s not just a way of giving back to society, but also a reward to yourself in many ways.