Hi, my name is Mareh, a Computer Science student at the University of Ghana and a participant in the second phase of the Ghana Science and Technology Explorer Prize Program.

When I’m not in school or busy with anything, I learn to code, read, or listen to music.

Well, everyone needs a mentor, to guide and direct them through their journey with respect to their goals and aims in life. And that is what the Ahaspora Mentoring Program did. It gave me a mentor to chaperone me through my life journey.

So far, my experience has been great. The program has taught me many life values and lessons that would go a long way to building my future.

My mentor is Dr Edwina Nikoi, a lecturer at the University of Ghana. My most memorable moment with her was the perpetual support she gave me during my preparation for the University. She assisted me with my college application essays and was always there when I needed help.

To aspiring mentees, I would say seize every opportunity you get with your mentor and value every advice and lesson you acquire from them.

This mentoring program has caused a massive change in my mindset and overall view of life. I used to think that societal change and progressiveness were almost unachievable, but I have come to realize that societal change and progressiveness begin with me.

The program was and still is very beneficial and I can assure you that after this program, you come into the world as an innovative person with a transformed mindset.