Hello, I’m Naana Agyemang, a third-year medical student at KNUST.  As a young and ambitious individual, I have always been driven by a desire to learn and grow, not just academically, but also in terms of personal and entrepreneurial development. Here’s a glimpse into my transformative journey as an Ahaspora mentee.

Four years ago, I joined the Ahaspora mentoring program through the Yale Young African Scholars. What drew me towards this program was the prospect of receiving one-on-one guidance on college life and career decisions. I was at a point in my life where I needed direction and mentorship, and Ahaspora seemed like the perfect platform to find that support.

It has been an incredibly enlightening experience. From the very beginning, I received invaluable career advice even before setting foot in college. The guidance I received during those early stages has played a crucial role in shaping my academic and professional path.

When the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and I found myself with ample free time, my mentor was there to provide guidance on how to use my time wisely. This guidance not only helped me stay productive during a challenging period but also encouraged me to explore entrepreneurship. As a result, I am now a proud business owner, thanks to the encouragement and support I received through the Ahaspora mentoring program.

One of the most significant benefits of being an Ahaspora mentee has been the exposure and opportunity to attend various business seminars and networking events. These experiences have expanded my horizons and provided me with valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship. I’ve made connections and friends who are not only supportive but also essential in my journey towards personal and professional growth.

While I did lose touch with my mentor during my time in SHS, the lessons and advice I received during that period have stayed with me. Although we may not always stay in close contact with our mentors, their influence continues to guide us.

To aspiring mentees, I would say this: Ask questions and be daring. Don’t let your age limit your ambitions. Apply for programs and go after opportunities because there are no boundaries for you. Aim high, and never think you’re too young to accomplish anything. The Ahaspora mentoring program is a platform that empowers young individuals like me to break barriers and reach for the stars.

Lastly, would I recommend this program to aspiring mentees? Without a doubt. It’s a life-changing journey that sets you apart from your peers and exposes you to a world of possibilities. The Ahaspora mentoring program is not just about receiving advice; it’s about gaining valuable experiences, making lifelong connections, and discovering your potential for growth in Ghana.

In conclusion, my journey as an Ahaspora mentee has been filled with growth, learning, and inspiration. It has opened doors I never knew existed and equipped me with the confidence to pursue my dreams. If you’re considering joining the Ahaspora mentoring program, I encourage you to take the leap. It could be the transformative experience you need to chart your path toward success.