Meet Yaganoma Baatuolkuu: a passionate mentor and proud Dagara woman whose commitment to guiding the next generation of leaders radiates through her involvement in the Ahaspora mentoring program. With an unwavering dedication to gender equity and empowering young minds, she has carved her path toward nurturing others into the best versions of themselves.

With a dynamic entrepreneurial background and a flair for creativity, Yaganoma brings a distinct perspective to her mentoring role. Her experiences in the business realm provide a wellspring of invaluable insights, enriching the guidance she offers to her mentees as they navigate their own entrepreneurial journeys. Yaganoma’s entry into the Ahaspora mentoring program in 2013 was a result of her burning desire to give back to her community through mentorship. Driven by the profound understanding of the significance of uplifting others, she seized the chance to become a beacon of positivity in the lives of the young.

Among Yaganoma’s treasure trove of mentoring memories, one standout moment was arranging a transformative voice training session for her mentee. To her pleasant surprise, the connection between her mentee and the trainer had already been established, with the trainer speaking glowingly about the mentee’s unwavering dedication and focused career path. This encounter not only fortified Yaganoma’s belief in her mentee’s potential but also breathed an extra layer of fulfillment into her mentoring journey. Reflecting on her mentorship voyage, Yaganoma radiates joy and gratitude, underlining the immense inspiration she draws from her mentees’ resilience and ingenuity.

For Yaganoma, the experience of simultaneously learning from and guiding the next generation has been an inherently transformative odyssey. When queried about whether she would recommend the Ahaspora mentoring program to prospective mentors, her response resounds with conviction: “Absolutely, a resounding 100% yes!” Her unwavering endorsement is rooted in the profound impact the program has etched into both her and her mentees’ lives. The chance to mold and nurture the lives of the young is a gratifying pursuit that she ardently believes every aspiring mentor should passionately embrace.