Today, we set our spotlight on Ama Fordjour- a mentor who has had a transformative impact on mentees in the Ahaspora Mentoring Program. She joined the Ahaspora Mentoring Program in 2017 and that decision is deeply rooted in her strong commitment to giving back.

Aside being an exceptional mentor, Ama holds graduate degrees in Mathematics, Program & Project Management, and Financial Management, complemented by a collection of training certificates in the Education sector. With over 15 years of experience as a Program and Project Manager in Software Systems engineering, Ama possesses a wealth of knowledge in project planning, client engagement, and effective project communication. Throughout her career, she has collaborated extensively with government officials, business leaders, and stakeholders across various sectors, actively championing philanthropic and business endeavors.

Ama shares her story as a mentor in the Ahaspora mentoring Program below:

 In Ama’s own words;

‘’I hold the belief that when life has been kind to you, it becomes a moral imperative to extend that kindness to others. I’ve personally experienced the transformative power of mentorship, as someone once played that crucial role in my life.

Ahaspora’s dedication to community engagement and its mission to empower young people through effective tools resonated deeply with me. Their mentoring program, which revolves around the theme “changing mindsets, channeling our future,” perfectly mirrors my values and aligns with the impact I strive to make in communities.

One of the most memorable moments I’ve had with my mentee is witnessing their remarkable journey towards exceeding their own expectations and achieving their goals. It’s incredibly fulfilling when you encounter a mentee who initially may not have a clear sense of their life’s direction. Through the mentorship process, they gradually discover their path and purpose, ultimately landing in significant roles.

Also, my experiences as a mentor have not only allowed me to share my knowledge and guidance but have also enriched my own journey by witnessing the positive impact I can have on others. I would highly recommend the mentorship program to aspiring mentors. The experience of mentorship is incredibly rewarding. Mentorship not only benefits the mentees but also enriches the mentor’s own journey. It’s a win-win experience that can be highly impactful and fulfilling for both parties involved.’’